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Welcome to the LA Civil Rights Department!

Dear Friends,

At the LA Civil Rights Department, we know when one community in Los Angeles is made to feel othered or unsafe, we are all put at risk. For this reason, our mission is to maintain and strengthen the City's diversity, equity, and accountability. 

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We focus on reducing bias and injustices through inclusive programming. We also strive to level the playing field for our marginalized residents through community engagement, equity initiatives, and upward mobility programming, including L.A. REPAIR Participatory Budget Program, LA Law Day, and so much more. 

Our goal is to inspire you to be an advocate and leader in your community because one person can make a difference and everyone should try. 

Please use our website to:

We are excited to work together to celebrate Los Angeles' mosaic of diversity and build a more equitable and just Los Angeles for all. 

Keep the faith and keep the fight!

- Capri Maddox, Esq., MPA
Executive Director