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LA Civil Rights Hosts 2nd Annual LA Law Day

Posted on 10/26/2023
Thank you 2023 LA Law Day


LOS ANGELES - On October 28, 2023, the LA Civil Rights Department hosted LA Law Day, an upward mobility event focused on diving into the mysteries of law school and legal careers with the hope of getting more diverse students into the legal field. LA Civil Rights invited attorneys from the public and private sectors for more insight into traditional and nontraditional paths into law. More than 110 attendees from Los Angeles, Colorado, Texas, Mexico, and more had the opportunity to learn about preparing for the LSAT, paying for law school, and finding diverse legal careers.

LA Law Day began with words of inspiration and advice from city and county leaders. First Latina and female LA City Attorney, Hydee Soto Feldstein, shared her story of seeing her father, an attorney, change the prison system and she also shared words of advice on surviving law school, "Find a buddy, find a mentor, and don't be afraid of change." LA City Council President Paul Krekorian, who was first in his family to attend law school, told attendees "to take the baton and lead us forward...and the best way to do that may be in law." LA Law Day attendees also received inspiration advice from the first African American woman LA County Counsel, Dawyn Harrison, Esq. 

The event included a panel discussion and live Q&A featuring LA City Civil Rights Commissioner Abigail Zelenski, Esq, founder of Zelenski Law, and Lynette Jones, Esq, Deputy General Counsel, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, which manages Denver Nuggets who were the 2023 NBA champions.


Breakout Room 1: "How I Made It: Journeys to Law School"

Breakout Room 2: "Surviving Your 1L Year"

Breakout Room 3: "Careers in Law"

Breakout Room 4: "Admission Process For Law School"

The event also featured four breakout rooms where attendees spoke directly with the lawyers. 

Breakout rooms featured a range of speakers, including:

  • Candice Cho, Esq., Managing Director of Policy and Counsel, AAPI Equity Alliance
  • Yvonne Garcia, Esq., Employment Rights Project, Bet Tzedek Legal Services
  • Phil Lam, Esq., Deputy City Attorney
  • Patricia Winograd, Esq., Associate Dean, Loyola Law School
  • Parjack Ghaderi, Esq., Chief Diversity Officer, LA County Counsel
  • Nydia Johnson, Esq., Associate Dean, Southwestern Law School
  • Nyanza Shaw, Esq., Executive Vice President, FremantleMedia North America
  • Megan Meadows, Esq., Environmental Attorney, JF Novak Law
  • Marissa Montes, Esq., Professor, Loyola Law School
  • Kamilah Moore, Esq., CA Reparations Task Force
  • Chalak Richards, Esq., Dean of Students, Pepperdine Law School

LA Law Day Resource Guide Here

LA Civil Rights thanks the speakers for sharing their stories and law journey. To learn more about LA Civil Rights and our programming, please visit or email