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Thalia Gonzalez

Thalia Gonzalez Presentation

"A city is the sum of its parts and Los Angeles has many. People gather from seemingly every corner of the Earth and come to call this city their home. With this wealth of culture also comes a wealth of ideas and perspectives. What we all have in common is the shared experience of living here. With this poster, I wanted to focus on the positive aspects of living among diverse groups of people and the common experiences we all share. We live more happily in harmony than in hate. This poster depicts a simple slice of life scene that many in LA can relate to: The neighborhood ice cream man. These vendors are usually of Latin descent and have their own routes throughout Los Angeles. The ice cream man is a happy sight - who doesn't love ice cream? In this scene, the ice cream man is serving children from backgrounds who represent the different LA is comprised of. The location is a standard palm-tree'd neighborhood. And the LA skyline is ever present in the background to firmly place the scene in an LA neighborhood. The illustration style and exaggerated perspective adds to the childlike perspective and the mindset that there is hope for the future. The vibrant colors of the bright blue sky and ever-green trees are familiar to every Angeleno. The message on the side of the vendor's cart says "ALL FLAVORS WELCOME!" because the ice cream man serves all just as Los Angeles serves everyone. LA is for everyone." -- Thalia Gonzalez