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Selene Gonzalez

Selene Gonzalez Presentation

"Los Angeles’ identity is created by its citizens and their stories happening in the different communities. As an exchange student, this city has welcomed me and feels like a new home. The poster de- sign transmits the idea of LA being a place where nobody is discriminated and everyone is welcome. The two letters forming the buildings can be recognized from afar, for they have a darker color on top of the light background: however, the viewer will realize there is more details to the design and will be curious to look closer and discover the situations taking place in these letter-buildings. The design is framed with the ocean (an essential character of the city) and the oil fields/tar pits representing LA’s history. The color palette resembles the sunset, mixing warm colors with the upcoming night sky (potentially: full of stars) - this creates a contrasting effect, making the letters stand out from the rest of the drawing and leaving the little details (people, cars and stores) as a secondary but also supporting feature. In addition, the warmest color orange is used to emphasize some elements such as the word 'HOME' and everything related to the poster’s message." -- Selene Gonzalez