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Roxanne Guerrero

Roxanne Guerrero Presentation

"I decided to morph iconic LA scenery into some physical aspect of the three, portrayed individuals to show that there is no denying POC and other marginalized communities (e.g., the disabled) belong in LA. In my poster, they make up the unique landscape of the county; without their presence, there would be no poppies, DTLA Skyline, and Santa Monica Ferris Wheel. In other words, without these communities, this place could no longer be called Los Angeles. They not only belong here, but they are LA.

Although the three people come from very different cultural backgrounds and represent areas of LA County that are far apart from each other, they are closely connected to one another—they each wear the same blues, overlap into each other’s spaces, and share the same sky, despite existing at different times of day. They are united and at peace, knowing that they belong where they are and are finally being told so. 'You belong.'" -- Roxanne Guerrero