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Equity and Empowerment (E²)

At LA Civil Rights, we are intentional about building a just Los Angeles.

We don't wait until discrimination has occurred to jump into action. We recognize that the systems that shape our lives are unequal, and work must be done to dismantle the systemic racism, sexism and bias in our world. That's why we created the Equity & Empowerment (E2) pillar in our department, which includes upward mobility programming, industry diversity metrics, COVID-19 equity relief, and an equity lens on city policy in partnership with city agencies like the Office of Immigrant Affairs as well as community based organizations.

Equity & Empowerment (E2) also includes our Office of Racial Equity, which was created to provide policy equity analysis and the advancement of racial equity in the city. The Office of Racial Equity is responsible for shaping a number of city policies and programs, from participatory budgeting to an anti-racist framework for city government. 

Our work includes:

  • Policy Equity Lens: LA Civil Rights will apply a policy equity lens to assess health disparities, inequities in City planning, and community policing through collaborations with non-governmental and city entities, including with the Office of Immigrant Affairs. 

  • Upward Mobility Programming: LA Civil Rights will engage Angelenos and community-based organizations for community events and career pipelines for people from underserved communities. LA Civil Rights works to develop college readiness and career readiness, financial literacy workshops, homeowner seminars, and entrepreneurial training sessions. 

  • Industry Diversity Metrics: LA Civil Rights will assess, track, and monitor the hiring, promotion, and retention of people from underserved communities in various high-earning potential industries to promote diversity and inclusion, including through the RENEW Task Force.

  • COVID-19 Equity: Since the Summer of 2020, LA Civil Rights has been a key stakeholder in COVID-19 equity planning with the City and County of Los Angeles. Our work has resulted in expanded access to testing and vaccines, increased language access to public health services, community outreach and engagement, and more.

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Industry Diversity Metrics: RENEW Program
Tom LaBonge Day at Algin Sutton park hero
Upward Mobility & Youth Programming
Kedren vaccine drive
COVID-19 Equity