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Kathy Diep

Kathy Diep Presentation

"Respecting elders in the community is a means of demonstrating our appreciation for them. They have a lot to contribute in the community as elders have a lifetime’s worth of knowledge to impart. They have a distinct perspective on history because of their own experience. Holding hands may convey feelings of tenderness, comfort, warmth, and security, but there is more to that. By looking left to right, you can see a child holding an elder’s hand. The child’s hand possesses lighter colors hue values representing innocence and carefree to reach to the elder’s hand. While the elder’s hand has the dark hue values shown as wise and knowledgeable. The elder’s hand is encouraging a child to learn and accept the elder’s valuable advice, lessons, and knowledge, enabling the child to pave their own path without making the same mistake." -- Kathy Diep