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Kathleen Lasmarias

Kathleen Lasmarias Presentation

"Los Angeles is our home and should feel welcoming, warm, and familiar, just like a hot comforting bowl of soup. Because LA is recognized as one of the world’s cultural melting pots, I used soup to visually represent this. Warm tones of vermillion and crimson used in the tomato soup wrap your eyes around the playful and bubbly typography cushioning the phrase “Diversity Is Delicious”. In contrast, I used heartfelt and inviting hand lettering that states “With love, from Los Angeles”, similar to a handwritten note you may have received from a friend or postcard. The color contrast was simple yet intentional in order to pro- mote emphasis on the actual soup itself. The design itself is supposed to represent the idea that the city of LA is comfortable, caring, and most importantly our home." -- Kathleen Lasmarias