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Karina Han

Karina Han Presentation

"This poster design combines the use of photos arranged in a collage to surround the letters “LA.” Each photo is a description in and of itself of the diversity that lives within Los Angeles. LA is a blend of different cultures which is one of the biggest things that brings people together. While it may look like a poster catered to tourists, part of what makes LA so diverse is its variety of cultures for peo- ple to learn about. The city is chock full of genuine businesses owned by people of that country or culture, that serve as opportunities for people to learn more about different cultures, straight from the source. The interpretation of the Hollywood sign reading “Together” is the main focal point of this design, seeing as the iconic signs is one of the aspects that lives in the heart of LA; however, it is also not meant to completely take away from the photos of LA culture. This poster is designed to invoke a sense of belonging and make the viewer feel unified with people of other cultures in their own home." -- Karina Han