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Evelia Serrano

Evelia Serrano Presentation

"Our elders are our most important figures in our life. They raised our parents who later raised us. They have given so much so it’s only right to give back to them. For my poster, I wanted
to focus on “giving”. I used hands to represent giving by having the palm stretched outward holding the elder within their palm. The palm is holding the elder very carefully and lovingly because elderly need to be handled with care so I wanted to show that. I made the elder look up and hold the hand’s thumb to show appreciation to them for being so caring towards them. I used yellow because I wanted this piece to be universal and I did not want to rely on actual skin tone colors because I wanted to represent everyone. When making this, I kept thinking about my own grandma and so I wanted to show how much care and thought I put into this. I wanted to make this piece very warm and loving so I used yellow and pink colors to prove that." - Evelia Serrano