TAC Statement on Transgender Hate

Posted on 07/30/2021
tac transgender advisory council logo

"The Transgender Advisory Council (TAC) will continue to defend and uphold the civil rights of transgender and nonbinary individuals. We are disheartened by the recent targeting of our community and the increased hateful rhetoric as a result of allegations made by a customer of a local spa that paint the entire transgender community as a threat. Everyone has a right to fair and equal treatment, including the rights of trans, gender non-binary, Two-Spirit and intersex individuals. 

We respect the right to protest, and we wholeheartedly oppose violence and those who seek to advance their views through violent means. The trans community already faces one of the highest rates of violence in the United States, among other disparities, and no one should be subjected to violence or hateful speech.

Los Angeles must be bigger than those who seek to divide us, and continue toward a future where all transgender and nonbinary individuals are safe and supported."

- The Transgender Advisory Council, City of Los Angeles