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Brittany McKinley

Brittany McKinley wearing a black blazer and white blouse with the city of LA view behind her

Brittany McKinley is a corporate attorney in Los Angeles, she represents companies across various industries on a wide range of corporate transactions. Along with her corporate experience, Commissioner McKinley has a significant and award-winning pro bono practice where she has represented refugees seeking asylum, nonprofit mental health organizations, assisted formerly incarcerated women with reentry matters, assisted individuals seeking clemency, obtained protective orders for women facing domestic violence, instructed black businesses on corporate governance and aided individuals in obtaining DACA renewals. 

Commissioner McKinley received her Bachelors in Sociology from Loyola Marymount University in 2015. She received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Chicago Law School where she participated in the International Humans Rights Clinic (IHRC) focusing on police accountability and reform. Her work took her as far as the United Kingdom, where she was able to interview both Civil Rights Activists and Police Chiefs across the country to find ways in which we can better train our officers, rebuild community trust, and bring reconciliation across the American political divide. The work she and her team published during that time was released during the George Floyd Protests in 2020, including their report Defending Dissent, which focused on the non-lethal use of force in assembly management. 

Commissioner McKinley attributes her passion for community activism, human rights, and policy making to her Grandfather, Ruckins McKinley Jr., who prior to his passing in 1983, was the first Black deputy director of rehousing and property management for the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency. He was passionate about rebuilding Watts after the riots and believed that doing so could bring peace and unity to South LA. His impact is still felt today and contributed to establishment of the Human Relations Commission. As a LA City Human Relations Commissioner, Brittany plans on using all of her experience to continue her Grandfather’s legacy in creating a united and equitable Los Angeles for all.