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Ashley Castillo

Ashley Castillo Presentation

"Protecting our community can bring us all together and unite one another. To protect one another can mean anything from helping each other in need to giving a person a helping hand. No matter the age, race or ethnicity everyone will always stand up for their community and help those in need. To represent this I illustrated the care of a hand helping an elderly hand. In this the left hand is colored yellow to help visualize “anybody” in the community. The right hand is a collage made up of elderly people representing the care the community can bring to protect our elders. The background color is a dark blue as it demonstrates the city of LA and the colors that are common to our community. The usage of a yellow color is to reference the light , hope, care, and happiness we can bring to our elders. The collage of photos are made up of different elderly people and different emotions as it will always bring the community together. The collage also illustrates the history our elders left behind and how they helped create our community and will always be apart of it." -- Ashley Castillo